2024 Beginner level schedule

Grandmaster Dong’s Martial Arts offers more than 35 classes each week for all ages and fitness levels.  Below are classes that would be recommended for beginners. Private and semi-private classes are available other times by appointment.  Give us a try today by calling 252-222-0444 to schedule your first, private lesson or enroll online now for a 30-Day Trial beginner program.

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* Where notated, two classes will be held at the same time in studios A & B.  Students will warm up together in studio A and then change rooms based on their belt level and age.

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Kids Classes:  Our TaeGrr Cubs for the young kids or Children’s Program teaches self-discipline, respect for others - especially parents - and encourages academic achievement.  They will also benefit from increase flexibility, agility, speed, focus, balance and more.

Family Classes: Our special family classes are one of the few activities that adults and children can participate together in reaching their goals.  Parents will get all the benefits they would expect from an adult class while your children experience all the benefits of our Childrens Classes.

Adult Classes: Teens and adults will learn traditional Korean martial arts as Grandmaster Dong did growing up as a child in Korea.  You will fiind our teen/adult classes are fun, motivating and educational. You will experience increased flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, weight control, and learn to control stress. Our experienced instructors will be there to guide and challenge you through your journey.  

Get started now with our 30-Day Trial Beginner Program


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